Shampoo Bars 40 LBS

100% Plant-based made with plant oils and Glory Essentials custom blend of therapeutic grade essential oil blend for hair and scalp. No Silicones, sulfates, synthetic ingredients or fragrances.

Product Making Day

I love making product especially cold processed soap. Here at Glory Essentials we prefer 100% pure plant oils, therapeutic grade essential oils that are certified for optimal results.

We start off with measuring all ingredients, at the perfect temperature, saponification is the next step, once batch is at trace, custom blend of essential oils are added to this batch, incorporated, then poured into our custom 10 lb soap molds, build by none other but my amazing husband Sergio.

After in mold for 24 hours, soap is taken out of molds and cut. Ph is tested to ensure perfect use for our customers, then placed on sanitized rack for 40 day for perfect curing. After curing, bars are labeled and ready for our customers.

It does not make sense to create natural shampoo bars with ingredients that are grown using toxic pesticides, that contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs), or that use solvents or other toxic chemicals in their processing.

Also, like our soaps, each of our shampoo bar contains different blends of natural plant oils, essential oils, and herb infused oils that benefit the hair and scalp. No two recipes are the same.

A single bar gives you 40-60 washings depending on hair type and thickness. It's smaller and lighter than a bottle of shampoo. Wonderful to travel with, also if your flying, TSA won't confiscate it, because its solid not liquid.

Glory Essentials Shampoo Bar vs #1 Retail Liquid Shampoo Ingredients

Our Shampoo bars contain: 5 ingredients

#1 Retail liquid shampoo 2018 ingredients contains: 30 ingredients, cancer causing and toxic.

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