This custom blend, Anti-Aging Treatment contains oils that are the most powerful antioxidants known. Antioxidants are elements that help to neutralize free radicals and lessen the day-to-day oxidative damage everyone is subject to. Antioxidants protect the skin by attaching themselves to free radicals, which minimizes the harm they do and is important for youthful-looking skin.
Key Affects:
Dramatically minimizes lines, wrinkles and age spots

ORAC (Oxygen ratio absorbant capacity) 14 Million

Anti-Aging Oil

  • Glory Essentials custom blend of essential oils for anti-aging.

  • Application: Cleanse and tone face. Using dropper, drop 2-3 drops and apply essential oil facial treatment to dry face and neck. Avoid eye area. This treatment is photo-sensitizing so limit sun exposure after application.