This is body lotion in solid form. When you apply butter bar push up stick directly to skin, it melts with your body heat. Simply rub on body and smooth butter all over.
The benefits of this are tremendous;
The butter and oils in butter lotion bar easily absorb into skin, non greasy, moisturizing skin. Oils in butter lotion bar have natural anti-aging properties for fighting wrinkles because of the high amounts of vitamins A & E causing skin to produce collagen. Oils also can tone down stretch marks, soothing to burned skin. The fatty acids in butter protect skin from; wind, heat, & salt water. Free from parabens, sulfates, preservatives, sls, carcinogens and fragrances.

*Wonderful for airline flights, solid, will not be thrown away.

Body Butter Bar

  • Glory Essentials custom blend of 100% plant-butters and bee wax.

  • Application: Rub butter bar on body or hands, butter will melt with body heat. Rub butter into skin. Leaving butter lotion bar in heat will soften, but cool back to shape.