Allergy Customers:
We recommend that you do not use Glory Essentials products, as they are plant-based and may cause allergies.

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Body Butter Bar Soap for Dry Skin
Description: Hydration Skin Essential Oil Body Butter Bar Soap
Skin type: All Skin types
Key Affects:
Moisturizes skin with 100% plant oils and rich butters, maintaining PH balance of skin, leaving skin fresh, supple eliminating dry, ashy, flaky skin with soft fresh smell of Glory Essentials Body Treatment.
Soothes, creates skin elasticity, slows aging of skin.
Revitalizes skin tissue.
Balances sebum which is the fatty secretion in the sebaceous glands of the skin that keeps skin supple, regenerates, cleanses, restores and invigorates skin tissue.



Body Butter Soap

  • Palm oil, coconut oil, meadow seafoam oil, pumpkin butter, Glory Essentials custom essential oil blend for dry skin.

  • Wet and lather bar, then wash body and rinse.  Pat dry. 

    Storage:  Keep soap in a dry place after use.  Do not let sit in water, or shower water hitting bar for lasting use.