This vegan deodorant is unique for it's properties, 100% vegan made withpro-biotic to combat bad bacteria.  NO: PARABEN, ALUMINIUM CARCINOGENS, TRICLOSAN, PROPYLENE GLYCOL, STEARETH-N & FRAGRANCE
Key Benefits:
Skin conditioning.
Doesn't cause darkening pigmination to skin.
Doesn't leave heavy residue.
Combats bateria.
Detoxes arm pits.
Absorbs wetness.
Scent fresh & non toxic.
Does not stain clothing.
2.25 oz

Body Deodorant

  • Plant oils, butters, vitamin E, arrowroot powder, starch, clay,  44 ML cultures of pro biotic and Glory Essentials signature body essential oil blend.

  • Application: Apply deodorant to arm pit area at least 4-6 strokes.
    2.25 oz