Allergy Customers:
We recommend that you do not use Glory Essentials products, as they are plant-based and may cause allergies.

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Just as the shampoo bar, this bar is 100% natural and for all hair types. No preservatives, no carcinogens, no sls, no parabens, no colorants, no synthetic fragrances, no preservatives and no additives.

Restoring, strengthening eslasticity, maintaining deep moisture. Prevents weak brittle hair. Shields against UV rays for a natural sunscreen for hair & sun damage.

Plant extracts contain a natural gloss that brings shine and silkiness to the hair. The fatty acids bind to the protein in the hair, roots and strands preventing breakage.The essential oils stimulate scalp in blood circulation, giving strength and condition to the hair.


Bar will last 6-8 months


  • 5 different plant butters, plant oils, plant extracts & essentials oils. The butters contain vitamins A, C , E & fatty acids, Glory Essentials custom essential oil blend for conditoning hair.

  • 1.  Wet hair

    2.  Wet and lather Condtioner Bar

    3  Apply to scalp and hair

    4.  Rinse with water

    *If you have difficulty rinsing this product from your hair, it is due to high levels of metal in the tap water.  To ensure a complete rinse, simply spray hair with mixture in a spray bottle of:

    75% Water

    25% Apple Cider Vinegar

    5.  Generously spray with vinegar and water

    6   Rinse